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To Campbell, From Billy


To Campbell, From Billy


Today we start like this. My body is wide and broad over you. My groans deep and heavy.

My tits spike down brushing yours - I’ll keep my t shirt on this time.

I think about my clit and it’s big like a phallus. It doesn’t look like that so I keep my trousers on too, as you touch me by reaching in. My phallus throbs as it enters you and I fuck you like a boy.

Now you.

You grab me and turn me around and I feel the softness of my belly and my arms and my chest. You look at me touching my clothes and I tell you you can take them off. I’m naked with you now and you’re on top of me. Our tits touch. Solidarity. We love each others’. Yours will be gone soon though.

My gasps are high now and I’m small under you and I like it. Take me away I think.

Now you’re sat on me and I look up at your body. You ride me like a girl and your body is big like a man’s but soft like a woman.


I’m back on top of you and I cum inside you. I feel water all over you and my body is different to how it looks.

We climax holding each others’ skin tight leaving marks. Whose bodies are these. Wanting to cry. Wanting to laugh. I do.


We get dressed. You put your binder on. I watch you.

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