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Monsters and Dreams 

We catch up with artist Claud about the release of their incredible debut album Super Monster


'You're still worthy of love even when you don't feel loveable'

Firstly let’s talk about the music. What inspired this album? 

The goal of this album was to portray that growth is not linear, and that you’re still worthy of love even when you don’t feel lovable.


Why is it called Super Monster?

On the last day of mixing my record, I was shown a sketch done by one of my favorite artists Daniel Johnston. It said “Claud the Super Monster” and that moved me for a few reasons - one being the way the gender queer experience is often compared to Frankenstein or feeling ostracized from society the same way monsters and creatures are. 

What do you hope people's reactions will be to the album? 

The album has been out for a couple weeks now and I’m mainly just happy it’s touching people at all. I’ve seen a lot of people listen to it and get inspired themselves to do something creative and that’s really exciting to me

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Rachelle Cox

Your music is dreamy.. what do you dream of? 

I have the most vivid dreams! I can remember most of them pretty much every morning… it’s wild

How is it being signed to Phoebe Bridgers label and do you feel your music has changed since joining her label?


My music has definitely not changed since being signed to her label! I get all the same creative control as being completely independent, the only difference now is that there’s a team of people on the backend who are there to support and elevate my vision to the best of their ability. 


'My illustration style is like a creative puke'

Now we have to mention the artwork. It’s sick!!! And designed by yourself. Lots of your visuals are DIY and obviously we love that. Can you talk a bit about your artwork and your style? 

Thanks! I honestly don’t draw or illustrate that often, it’s usually just a spur of the moment outpour when I feel inspired to do so. My style is like creative puke, I use a lot of bright colors (especially green and blue) and there’s a lot of small details. I like to keep things light and kinda funny. 


What’s next this year ?

Some live streams!

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