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This book explores the spaces we inhabit: the city, the home, our skins, our sexuality, and what it means to navigate these as women of colour.


4 BROWN GIRLS WHO WRITE are Roshni Goyate, Sharan Hunjan, Sunnah Khan and Sheena Patel. Find them at @4browngirlswhowrite. The book is designed by BK Immisson (@bkontuesdays) with cover artwork by Sheena Patel. 


4 BROWN GIRLS WHO WRITE began their collective performing together across London. Their four voices collide and diverge beautifully in this book, with poems divided into four lyrically rich chapters; ‘Silk’, ‘Saffron’, ‘Smoke’ and ‘Temples’. They have since performed a sold-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe and published a collection of pamphlets with Rough Trade Books.


‘Who says the Goddess slumbers, her eyes shuttered against the modern world? In this collaborative offering of new poems by brave voices, She sings, soars, and speaks her own name without fear. Sunnah, Sharan, Roshni and Sheena have given us verse patterned in henna, garlanded with gold thread, alive and alert to the complicated intersections of being both brown and woman in the world's gaze.’ – Shivanee Ramlochan, shortlisted poet for Forward Prize for Poetry, for Everyone Knows I Am a Haunting.


'This is such an important book. The collective voice of 4 BROWN GIRLS WHO WRITE is powerful and poignant, all at once political, angry, intimate and vulnerable. I have been waiting a long time to read a collection of work that lays witness, in such an honest way, to the lives of the women I am, I know and I love.' – Shagufta K Iqbal, author of Jam is for Girls.


4 BROWN GIRLS WHO WRITE is also stocked in the London Review Bookshop, Tate Modern Stores, Daunt Books, Broadway Bookshop, Riverside Bookshop, Pages of Hackney, Libreria, Housman’s Books, South London Gallery and Burley Fisher Books. 





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