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Mutations of the Body

Mutations of the Body is a project of evolution.


The sequence of photographs studies the uncomfortable state of nakedness, unveiling the categorization of a gender non-conforming individual, which occurs based on their genitals.

Bodies are situated as “sexed” in the biological approach, establishing either the male or female. Genitals are perceived as a dimorphic system separating the body in two binary sexes/opposites. Hence, bodies are sexualized in regard to their masculinity or femininity. Bodies can be also seen as sexualized in terms of the sexual practices they engage, for example heterosexual or homosexual sex. Therefore, bodies are sexualized in terms of their sexuality.


In reality, the body can also be interpreted as a continuum of possible manifestations. Constantine, the performer, a trans feminine person photographed with her signature anthromorph mask aims to explore the naked trans feminine body and the relationship between femininity and penile genitalia. Mutations of the body seeks for the abolishment of gender norms and the elimination of the patriarchal ideals that society portrays.

Photographer: MELINA PETSOLARI @melinaandemma

Performer: CONSTANTINE  @anthr0morph

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 19.49.29.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 19.49.13.png

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