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The Festival of Ideas zine

This zine was commissioned by the GLA and the Mayor of London, as a round up zine in response to the Festival of Ideas 2021. The zine is a manifesto for 'Building strong Communities' in London. Designed and created by Mia Maxwell and FEM, with content from participants and organisers from the festival. 

From the GLA and Festival of Ideas:


London Festival of Ideas: Your Vision for Strong Communities 


The London Festival of Ideas was a partnership programme organised by the Building Strong Communities Mission of the London Recovery Board.  


The London Festival of Ideas took place between 28th June and 23rd July and explored our individual and collective visions and plans for building strong communities in London. We invited community and faith organisations, activists, artists, businesses, individuals, networks and more to join us in organising activities, events and conversations that responded to the festival theme of Building Strong Communities.  

Almost 4,500 Londoners took part in 104 festival events and online activities and told us: 

•What strong communities look like. 

•Where they come together. 

• What’s needed for recovery from the pandemic.  



This zine is a creative expression and reflection of our shared understanding of what a strong community in London looks like and how we collectively build it, both as part and beyond the Building Strong Communities mission. Together we identified 7 key elements of that must exist to enable strong communities: 

1. Services meet local needs 

2. Opportunities to come together  

3. Places and spaces for the community 

4. Voice and ownership  

5. Commitment to diversity and inclusion  

6. Safety 

7. Funding and support 

The zine should also be seen as a call to action to us all to connect and collaborate across our work and these themes to support London’s communities. 

You can find the full insights from the Zine and more visit us at 

You can also get in touch with us at

Buy a physical copy for £1

You can buy the zine for £1 (plus £2.50 postage) through our shop to experience the physical thing, printed in London by PageMasters, using Risograph.

View the digital version

Read the zine here for free. For the full experience buy a zine or visit your local community space or library. 

Listen to the audio version

Listen to the zine, dictated by the designer Mia Maxwell

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