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fem i: women and hair


Our first FEM zine issue, Women and Hair,  is an exploration of hair and femininity, in which womxn writers and artists shared their perspectives on hair and blackness, hair and transness, body hair and many other facets of our relationship with our hair.

Cover directed and styled by: Mia Maxwell

Shot by: Beatriz Perez

Makeup by: Goodie May-Johnson

Model: Tin Tin Leong-Cheng


Picture taken from ‘1 Corinthians 11:15’

Direction and Styling: Mia Maxwell

Shot by: Harry Nathan

Makeup by: Goodie May-Johnson

Hair by: Taylor-Mary Anthony

Assisted by: Shem Sylvester

Models: Jasmine Dhillon, Ariel Thompson, Amy Kibler 


Picture taken from ‘Out Modest’

Direction: Heena Arab

Shot by: Sofia Johnson

Makeup by: Fiza Rahmen

Styled by: Shem Sylvester

Assistant: Mia Maxwell

Model: Liena Altai

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