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The latest collaborative series from photographers Faith Aylward and Jasmine Malone. They model and photograph each other in this theatrical, sensual fashion spread. 


Faith - 


I wanted to look at how sensitivity, intuition, and perception play into female identity and ideas of beauty. Each quality has a light and dark side which can be explored; each can feel like a gift or a burden. Like water, they can create a sense of clarity or distortion - all depending on the stillness of the beholder.

Jasmine  - 


Within my vision for Faith, my aim was to capture images that were out of both of our comfort zones; for Faith as a model and me as a photographer. We both experimented with the idea of alter-egos and different facets of our personalities. Capturing this in a modern pin-up style, and using traditionally ‘feminine’ objects such as flowers and pearls as props to a dominant and strong female character.

Photographers: Faith Aylward ( @didudietho ) & Jasmine Engel-Malone (  @jasmxnemarxe ) 

Styling: Isabella Damazio ( @isabella.damazio ) 

Makeup: Fey Carla Adediji ( @feycarlaa )

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